What are the benefits of ARTISTS’ CONNECTION? Printable Copy
Instructions to Sign Up for Artists’ Connection: Printable Copy
SPECIAL NOTE: Once a member, you must sign in first before purchasing product or workshops to receive your membership discount, otherwise you will be charged non-membership pricing.
  • NEW! Eric has started a video series exclusively for his Artists´Connection members. He discusses different techniques and shows you tricks and tips to help you further your watercolor painting skills. New videos will be added every other month.
  • NEW! The Tip of the Month articles are now a blog! This means instead of just reading them, as a Member you are now able to comment with your opinion on the matter at hand and share your experiences with the other members. You also have access to the previous years articles in PDF format.
  • All of Eric’s Watercolor Store products are 10% off the regular price. If a product goes on Special for the month, you receive another 5% discount and Free Shipping!
  • Discount of 10% on Eric’s School of Painting Peninsula Workshops in Long Beach, WA.
  • Discounts and first in line to sign up for Eric’s Workshops Abroad and Tropical Workshops.

Membership is for one year.


All you pay is $55.00 for one year. To access Artists’ Connection anytime, you can go to Workshops on Eric’s website and select Artist’s Connection.

You can also simply go to:, and click on the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.   Sign up now.