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Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen

Plein Air Workshop

September 13 – 27, 2020

Join Eric and his wife Ann in the majestic mountainscape of Switzerland!
We will stay in Lauterbrunnen, a quiet village surrounded by rocky cliffs and 72 gorgeous waterfalls! 

Situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, we will enjoy the natural beauty around us: travelling to neighboring towns Gimmelwald and Murren by train and taking the cable car to the mountain tops for astounding views – perfect for plein air painting! 

Local Watercolor Class

March 24th
April 14th
May 5th
Ocean Park, WA

Join Eric for a fun watercolor class over several weeks. Eric will share the techniques and principles he uses to create stunning paintings, in demonstrations and hands- on lessons.

Watercolor is the primary focus with other mediums accepted.

Artist Specials in February

Essentail Design 3 Brush Set

This set consists of the Round Brush #12, our Watercolor Flat Wash Brush and the Russian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop #5. This is a great set for beginners just starting out with painting.

Essentail Design Workbook

This self-paced workbook will help artists integrate the essentials of effective design: Division of Space, The Value Study and One Color Value Study.

Signature “Maestro” 3 Brush Set

This set consists of our Watercolor Flat Wash Brush, the Russian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop #5 and Eric´s favorite Red Sable Kolinsky #12.

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Collector Specials


Original Watercolor Painting
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Strom Surf at Cape Disappointment

Giclee Print
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Eric’s Online Video

Now you can conveniently watch Eric´s successful “Painting loosely from Photographs” series by purchasing the videos online.

“Eric, thank you for teaching me the skills that got my creative juices flowing. Skills that inspired me to think, explore and express myself fearlessly. I look forward to participating in another incredible workshop in the near future.”  –Rosa, WA

About Eric

Eric Wiegardt, AWS DF, NWS has left an indelible mark on both the American and International art scene with his loose and bold watercolor painting style. He is one of the few in the world to be awarded both the GOLD MEDAL and DOLPHIN FELLOW from the oldest and most prestigious watercolor society, AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY, NEW YORK.

Eric teaches workshops in watercolor painting across the country, invites you to his hometown for workshops and even organizes plein air workshops at tropical and European destinations, such as Maui (Hawaii), Venice (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and more.