Christmas Wonder by Jamee McKenzie

Christmas Wonder
by Jamee McKenzie
Size: 11×7.5


  1. Hannah Mead Kling

    I love how you’ve taken Eric’s influence but interpreted it through a very different style of your own. Beautiful painting.


    I didn’t know you knew me as a child! I’m taken back to eastern Washington as a youngster, when the world blurred but for the focus of the moment. Captivated by both snow and evergreens, I was frequently allowed to roam alone. Times were different. You’ve deliciously captured many moments I’d forgotten. Beautiful.

  3. Eric Wiegardt

    I think Jamee did a very nice job of needle texture within this tree.

  4. Angela Gtote

    My daughter and I love this! I would buy it. This would make a great Christmas card. Great job!

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