Irvine Solitude by Pete Roberts

Irvine Solitude
by Pete Roberts
Size: 11×16


  1. Hannah Mead Kling

    Somehow, I can imagine myself here — the painting makes me fill in not just the sights but also sounds and smells and the warmth!

  2. Julianne Flora-Tostado

    Such a peaceful walk – I like how my eye wants to enjoy every different part of the scene – that tree! Your shadows. Painting along with Eric gives me a chance to paint way beyond my own ability to see, so original work like yours is inspiring. I walk in LF and MV, and will have to practice a long time to see and paint this way- thank you for submitting


    I feel as though I’ve been there. I know the area and feel the golden sunshine baking the hill in the distance with a cool breeze in the (likely underground) waterway. The contrast between the details in the midground and looser hand in the fore- and backgrounds really draws the eye to the most pleasant part of my virtual walk. Thank you!

  4. Eric Wiegardt

    Pete has done a nice job of capturing the essence of the foliage of trees.

  5. Angela

    You feel like you are there.

  6. Pam

    Pete. I think trees are your thing! You repeatedly nail the essence of your subject.

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