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Several times in the year, clam digging is open on the peninsula. With a shellfish license, each person may pursue 15 razor clams. For those of you not familiar with Pacific Razor Clams, they can get as large as five to six inches in length and they are fast. Hundreds of folks from Portland to Seattle may come to the Peninsula for the challenge of capturing these tasty clams. Armed with a clam gun (a hollow tube with handles) or shovel, a basket or net to hold their catch and waders or high topped rubber boots, you will see these fearless hunters stomping or crouching looking for the elusive bubble in the sand. Once discovered, the chase is on. Plowing the clam gun or shovel at a slight angle towards the ocean (that is the direction razor clams dig), they pull their tool of choice out full of sand and if they are lucky, there will be a razor clam amongst the sand.
This painting “Clamdiggers“, is a beautiful image of those mighty hunters enjoying the happy pursuit of the Pacific Razor Clam. – Eric