Two-Thirds Limit Notecard


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Digging for Razor Clams is a popular pastime on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. On designated clam digging days, the limit is 15 clams per person. They are delicious to eat and many people enjoy them so much they travel great distances from throughout the Northwest to participate in the clam digs. Digs are done during the low tide, primarily in the winter months, and folks bring lanterns to help them find the clam holes when it is dark. A remarkable and beautiful sight to see the lights up and down the beach.

Eric Wiegardt, a native of the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, is considered one of the top watercolor artists nationally. Earning a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, he then pursued his passion, graduating from American Academy of Art in Chicago. Eric returned to the Peninsula in 1985 opening Wiegardt Studio Gallery in the Victorian home built by his oyster pioneering great grandfather.

Blank Notecard
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