The North Jetty by Pam Lund

The North Jetty
by Pam Lund
Size: 15×22


  1. Diane Klock

    Nice design , I really like the patterns in this painting .

  2. Norman Pillsbury

    Congratulations!! Expressionism Award!!!
    Now I can say, “I knew you when…”

  3. Pennie

    Wow! Love the motion and colors!

  4. Rick Parry

    Pam, I love the play of texture and nature’s geometry in the landscape, and the deep greens and browns against the still blue sky and sea evoke a sense of growing life based on the rocky foundation and soft worn wise sand


    I love that you captured all the colors I see there. Brava!

  6. Eric Wiegardt

    Pam is on her way to a beautiful form of Expressionism.

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