Eric’s workshops are designed to loosen up even the tightest painter and break the niggling detail habit. Painting loose is much more than a technique. It requires an understanding of specific design concepts in order to free one’s mind. Each day, Eric will focus on one of these principles. He will show how to construct a beautiful painting in one sitting, and free creative thinking from cumbersome theories of color and composition.

There will be time for individual instruction in a relaxed atmosphere. A variety of subjects will be painted which may include landscapes, marinescapes, florals, streetscapes and still life.

Eric Wiegardt AWS DF, NWS has taught over 5,000 watercolorists his popular PAINTING LOOSELY workshops.

Every year Eric organizes two workshops in his hometown on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, as well as plein air workshops abroad, visiting countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Spain or in a tropical setting for incredible plein air painting.